Competitors Beware: Genpact Becoming More Dominant

Have you the noticed the growing ripples of marketing messages from Genpact? The firm is already a leader in the global services market, but Bain Capital is aggressively pushing Genpact to grow faster and become more dominant in the market.

Bain — which is known for taking well-run, aggressive firms and super-charging them — provides capital to Genpact, has a seat on the provider’s board, and is becoming far more active in its management meetings.  Acquisitions, organic growth, and looking outside the Indian heritage for Western talent are all on the strategic agenda along with refreshing marketing activities.

They moved from purely F&A services and solutions and now have compelling offerings in enterprise application services and IT infrastructure services. In today’s environment, there is plenty of room to grow their share of the pie. Genpact already had one of the higher win rates in the global services industry and now, with increased focus on marketing, should capture more wins.

If you’re a global services buyer, these observations portend to Genpact coming to visit you soon.

If you’re a service provider, you likely have reasons to be frightened by the moves Genpact is making to step up to a higher level in the market.