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All Service Providers are Equal, but Some are More Equal than Others

With apologies to George Orwell and his novel “Animal Farm,” I think Napoleon the Pig’s famous quote (“All animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others”) has important applicability and insight for the services industry. The industry is changing very quickly. Customers are open and eager for transformation and to

Does DevOps Threaten the Labor Arbitrage Service Model?

DevOps offers a tantalizing opportunity for the service provider industry. On one level, it’s perfect. It allows service providers to get closer to the business, deploy automation and provide an integrated services stack with greater wallet share. There are even clear indications that it can be applied to a legacy environment as well as

4 Things to Think about as a Service Provider in 2016

Management consultant and bestselling author Peter Drucker wrote, “The only thing we know about the future is that it is going to be different.” That is, indeed, true for service providers, as new technologies increasingly adopted this year are a catalyst for change in nearly all aspects of the services business. Here are four

Latest Visa Reform Proposal: How Bad is the Bite on Services?

For those of us who follow immigration reform, particularly with a view to how it would affect the services industry, the latest proposed legislation coming from Senator Grassley out of the U.S. Senate is troubling. If his proposals become law – and one might imagine they would have some possibility, given he’s the chairman