Monthly Archive:: July 2017

The Key To Achieving Breakthrough Performance

If your company only wants to achieve an incremental outcome from your change initiative, it is fine to maintain your current business model. However, achieving breakthrough performance requires a fundamental change in the company’s business model. That kind of change is difficult. But given the enormous benefits that are available for companies in customer

The Power Of Digital Transformation In A Data-Driven World

Organizations that view digital transformation as mainly a technology difference from traditional transformation through business process engineering will end up missing the power of digital transformation. How is digital transformation different from business process re-engineering? A digital transformation journey moves an organization from a process-defined world to a data-driven world. Let’s look at why

Impact of Organizational Fatigue on Digital Transformation Initiatives

If you follow my blogs, you won’t be surprised that I’m passionate about helping organizations drive to success in business transformation and achieve breakthrough performance. As the demand for digital transformation accelerates, I find companies setting out on the required multiyear journey without understanding what lies ahead – and then failing. I’ve blogged about