Monthly Archive:: February 2016

What Can We Learn from the Microsoft Azure Experience?

Microsoft has gone all in on DevOps. I’ve been talking with Microsoft’s engineering team that builds Azure, and there are several things we can learn from them. Microsoft has structured its entire development of Azure along DevOps principles. They made the requisite investments in automating testing and automating provisioning. Of course, Azure is, in

The Digital Trough

The hottest thing out there is digital, and a lot of projects are being spun up in an attempt to start moving companies into digital. The problem is that many of these initiatives quickly lose momentum, then lose funding, and end up with less work for the service providers than they anticipated. Hence, the

How Providers Can Up their RFP Wins in an Automation Offering

I’ve blogged before about the trap for service providers that listen to their salespeople and where that purchasing-oriented perspective takes a provider – to undifferentiated offerings, lower pricing, lower margins, standard offerings and low value. But there is a significant part of the market that is dictated by procurement/purchasing departments and, as a provider,