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Brownfield Opportunities in Demand Profile for Application Services

In my previous blog post, I discussed greenfield opportunities, an exciting area of demand for application services. Among the three factors in the demand profile for app services today, another factor is the desire to change the way services are delivered. For these “brownfield” opportunities, the approach to app demands is very different from

Greenfield Opportunities in Demand Profile for Application Services

Three factors are reshaping the demand profile for application services, changing the services in fundamental ways. The first factor is best exemplified by digital technologies. Basically these are new technologies that create new business opportunities in enterprises. Inside of this would be cloud, mobility, social, big data and the IoT. They are made possible

Tips for Creating Relationships across IT and Business Boundaries

Proven actions that enable more effective communication across lines of business, departments and other silo boundaries. In today’s fast-moving digital world, creating relationships that enable and sustain collaboration to solve problems or create new value is a key to success. And as I’ve blogged before, CIOs need to create relationships between their IT teams

How the IT Model Impacts Realities of Changing Economic Conditions

How CIOs can scale IT costs to fit challenges of oil and gas and other commodity businesses. Businesses dealing with cyclical commodities face ongoing challenges from fluctuating market pricing forces. It’s easy to understand in the context of a business in the oil and gas industry today. The price of their product recently dropped

Customer Care Call Centers Face Massive Disruption

Here’s a prediction that will make a huge difference in businesses: 40 percent of customer care / call center seats will be automated out of existence in the next five years. We at Everest Group think customer care is ripe for a performance breakthrough, transforming it through technology across two dimensions: the customer experience

Deciding Between Active and Passive Management of Outsourcing Services

Understand which model works best for managing outsourcing services in a consumption-based pricing model. There are effectively two models for managing outsourcing relationships, whether it’s for IT and infrastructure services or for BPO. The services industry has been pushing a managed services environment as the best practice. But in reality, this is not the

Consequences of Infosys Taking Market Share

As we at Everest Group study issues in service industry growth, it’s clear that Infosys has effectively doubled its growth rate under CEO Vishal Sikka. In fact, Infosys has gone from a six percent growth rate to 12 percent, putting Infosys back into the leaders quadrant in terms of growth. Today it’s one of

New Focus on Risk of Concentrating Too Much Scope in a Service Provider

As we at Everest Group study the service industry, we find that a number of service providers have been successful in growing their relationships with some large clients into very substantial annual expenditures often exceeding $100 million a year. These accounts have become the backbone of the leading service providers’ business and have accounted

How to Turbocharge Digital Transformation

The story of how H. D. Smith, a pharmaceutical distributor since 1954, transformed its business to the digital world and expanded to providing innovative services and solutions is remarkable. Progress in strategic business transformations always takes place outside of people’s comfort zone, so it requires excellence in leadership to drive extensive change. The firm’s

Paving the Way for Digital Transformation

How a CIO helped maximize a legacy business while helping create an innovative new business. In my previous blog post, I began telling the story of a CIO’s role in the business transformation of H. D. Smith to expand its core business of pharmaceutical products distribution to include innovative, integrated technology-enabled services. The leadership