Peter is passionate about business transformation and finding new ways to create and capture value. He founded the consulting and research firm Everest Group more than 25 years ago to enable leading enterprises to take advantage of disruptive technologies, innovative service vehicles, and game-changing talent models. He has advised clients for more than two decades to effectively navigate through numerous disruptive trends, across outsourcing and global business services, next-generation technology solutions, and through the latest wave driven by digital, cloud, analytics, artificial intelligence, automation, and exponential technologies.

Peter frequently contributes his thought leadership as a keynote speaker at industry events, and in international business media, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Financial Times, and is a regular contributing blogger on and His pioneering experience in outsourcing engagements led him in 2000 to write the definitive primer for the industry, “Turning Lead Into Gold: the Demystification of Outsourcing.”

On a personal level, Peter tries to live an intentional, principled life. He is an avid reader and writer, world traveler, and focuses on staying healthy and active. He pursues change for the better, for self and the others, and seeks satisfaction in helping people in within Everest Group and beyond to become what they aspire to be.