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When Flying in the Cloud You Can Be Struck by Lightning

Once upon a time there was a cloud storage provider with a compelling offering.  Hundreds of small companies and prominent world-leading companies became its customers and reseller partners and moved their data to the provider’s cloud. Then bigger cloud companies offered services at lower prices and drove the storage provider out of business. Unfortunately

Don’t Buy an Analytics Ticket Unless You’re Prepared to Go on the Ride

There are bountiful opportunities today to use Big Data analytics and business intelligence technologies to change the game. But before you quicken your pace to the nearest tech store, you need to stop and recognize what “change the game” really means. Certainly it means that the analytics software can yield insights that could help

And That’s the Way It Is

When I think about the ITO and BPO industries today, I can’t help thinking about Walter Cronkite, the American journalist who anchored the CBS Evening News from 1962-1981. He was known as the most trusted man in America. Back in those days there were no 24-hour cable TV news stations and no Internet —

The World Doesn’t Need Another White Paper

Would you maintain a marketing strategy that has shifted to a disadvantage? The answer seems like a no-brainer, but the reality is many providers in the global services market are indeed marching forward with a disadvantaged strategy. In the increasingly competitive services marketplace, providers are running to thought leadership as a differentiation. That’s great.

Competitors Beware: Genpact Becoming More Dominant

Have you the noticed the growing ripples of marketing messages from Genpact? The firm is already a leader in the global services market, but Bain Capital is aggressively pushing Genpact to grow faster and become more dominant in the market. Bain — which is known for taking well-run, aggressive firms and super-charging them —