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Two Key Enablers for ROI in Robotic Process Automation

I spoke with Peter Quinn, who orchestrated the highly successful Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementation at a large wealth management firm, about some of his insights and lessons learned. In that discussion, two of his methodologies stood out to me. That’s because they’re great examples of key enablers for achieving superior business outcomes through RPA. His

What happens when you use third-party services in digital transformation?

Moving your company to a digital operational environment requires much more than changing its technology. The goal of creating and delivering new value for your customers also necessitates changes to your talent model, processes, philosophies and organizational structure. A complicating factor is the nature of the initiative – transformation is a multi-year journey, and

Strengthen Your Leadership Skills In Implementing Robotic Process Automation

After five years of buzz, there is now a lot of momentum in companies adopting Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. At Everest Group, our Pinnacle Model™ research assessed the impact of more than 200 leading companies on digital journeys implementing RPA. Our assessment identified companies achieving superior business outcomes (Pinnacle Enterprises™), including 4X the ROI as

Augmented Reality Technology Unleashes Enormous Company Change

Augmented reality is an exciting digital transformation technology that is surprisingly powerful, and it has a wide variety of applications across industries. But, to me, what is most striking – and more important – about AI is the enormous amount of organizational change it drives across core operations. If your company is considering implementing