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Driving Change In A Global Company

Many multinational companies are taking action to turn their vision benefits from digital transformation to reality. Going on that journey in a company with global operations is even more beneficial – but also more complicated. Far-reaching, thorny issues involved in changing a company’s business model and status quo operations become even more disruptive on a global

Indian Service Providers Coming to Grips with Talent Challenges in the Digital World

India’s service providers are slowly coming to grips with the decline of the arbitrage model and the shift to digital models. The digital era brings the providers three challenges regarding talent. Over the next three to five years they will need 30-40 percent fewer people than they needed for arbitrage-based work. Second, digital talent

Optimism Rising as Nilekani Returns to Infosys as Board Chairman

The management squabbling, blaming and furor that played out publicly in the news for months before and since last week’s resignation of Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka is enough to cripple any business. It seemed the firm faced a daunting uphill battle to move beyond the instability and uncertainties the infighting caused and to identify

IT relevance and delivery model changes when moving to digital models

Over the years, companies structured their IT into centrally managed departments organized by functional capabilities. The objective was to improve the delivery of information technology by establishing and meeting service levels and lowering the cost of the function. These services were sold or provided back to the business, which ingested them into the respective

Infosys CEO Exit Leaves Important Questions

Vishal Sikka, CEO of Infosys, resigned on August 18. Although he will stay on as executive vice chairman, I believe his departure as CEO calls the current Infosys strategy into question. Formerly an SAP executive, Sikka was brought on board as CEO in 2014 – the first outsider to head Infosys. He was tasked

When And How A Digital Transformation Opportunity Appears

Do digital transformation initiatives start with a leader having a vision for the future and making the case for that change? Sometimes. But that’s rarely the case. At most companies, it happens like this: People at many levels in the company realize that things in the business world are changing. Dramatic change can be

Is Infosys Stepping Up Its Acquisition Game?

The disruptive turmoil of the digital revolution is felt in all corners of the world, particularly among India’s service providers. In several blogs, I’ve discussed the differing tactics third-party IT and business service providers are using to address the steep challenges in the changing market. The steps they’re taking to clamp down on the

Three reasons why innovation and technology pilots often don’t succeed

Disruption from new technologies and new business models fundamentally changes companies’ competitive positioning. Most CEOs and boards of directors today recognize their business is at risk if they don’t change, as disruptive competitors will gain ascendency over them. Because they recognize the power of disruptive technologies and the need to change, many invest in