How Are Automation Services like Christmas?

The industry is abuzz with enthusiastic discussions around the potential for robotics, cognitive computing, and robotic process automation (RPA). You can’t go to a conference – whether it’s IT, BPO, or shared services – without hearing a vigorous and spirited discussion around service delivery automation (SDA). Given the promise of SDA for people replacement, dramatic improvement to productivity, significant cost savings, and improvement of cycle time, why haven’t we seen more adoption?

The answer is awareness is still building. When we look at the actual adoption of SDA (which encompasses cognitive computing and RPA), we see this to be in a very early stage.

Large enterprises rarely adopt technologies without pilots, and results are coming in on a daily basis. The early adopters are just now finishing their early pilots. The services industry is grappling with how to industrialize the technology. From the results coming in on a daily basis, it’s very clear that the services industry will be greatly affected by SDA.

For those who are in disbelief, I advise further research.

For those of us who wonder why SDA is slow in coming, I caution you that it’s like Christmas – it will be here before you know it. I believe it is only a matter of time.

And just like Christmas, as SDA starts to take hold, it will feel like it comes with a rush. As any parent knows when dealing with their children before Christmas, it seems to be slow but then comes in an all-consuming giant rush. Look out – it will be overwhelming.

Photo credit: Flickr