Oracle Announces it is not Pursuing Accenture, but Maybe it Should

I recently blogged about a report of a potential acquisition of Accenture by Oracle. Founder and Chairman Larry Ellison has since stated that Oracle is not interested in acquiring Accenture. But, quite frankly, maybe they should. Maybe they never intended to, despite the report of rumored due diligence. There are some important implications of this decision, and I believe there are two crucial reasons why Oracle should buy Accenture.

  1. Oracle is constrained in addressing digital needs in its core market
    Our world is rotating into digital. Everest Group’s research finds that 22 percent of the services market is already defined by a digital-first environment. Digital technologies such as cognitive intelligence platforms, big data, analytics and robotic process automation (RPA) are the new growth markets for technology spend. The markets for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and databases are now mature. Digital tools and the Internet of Things are driving substantial disruptive change for Oracle’s clients. Oracle’s primary target (and bulk of its revenue) is the large, mature Global 1000 organizations.