IT modernization becoming a major growth driver in IT services

An emerging trend I refer to as IT modernization is garnering significant enterprise IT projects. The last time businesses saw a similar strategy take place was in the shift from mainframes to client-server environments. Here’s my take on the landscape for this new IT strategy along with the implications for services.

The strategy begins with segmenting workloads into that part of IT that can and should be modernized and putting the rest of it in cold storage because, at this point, it doesn’t make sense to modernize that part.

We’re at an inflexion point in IT where about 25 percent of the work is developing new applications or upgrading apps with new functionalities; this work now done in the cloud and through agile and DevOps. Another 50 percent of the work also makes sense for modernization because of the advancements of technology and IT approaches that give a significant boost in functionality or efficiency.

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