Augmented Reality Technology Unleashes Enormous Company Change

Augmented reality is an exciting digital transformation technology that is surprisingly powerful, and it has a wide variety of applications across industries. But, to me, what is most striking – and more important – about AI is the enormous amount of organizational change it drives across core operations. If your company is considering implementing AI technology, keep in mind that it’s not something you buy for a few million dollars and achieve tremendous benefit from it. It will fundamentally change how your company does business.

I spent time with Wipro in its Silicon Valley technology center, and they showed me the Looking Glass technology as well as the AI journey the firm has been on with its clients. I’ll share in this blog some of the learnings from that journey in the context of two use cases.

Use Case 1: Heavy Machine Manufacturing Customer

Looking Glass is augmented reality technology integrated with an IoT platform. Through sensors on the equipment customers purchase, the IoT platform monitors the machine to identify when something goes wrong that can cause the machine to malfunction. The technology dispatches a mechanic – notably, along with the parts and tools that might be needed. The mechanic uses the Looking Glass technology on a smartphone or iPad screen to see through the machine with step-by-step instructions and advice to guide the mechanic. Rather than instructions that say, “Remove the carburetor,” for instance, it says, “Here is the carburetor and here are the things you need to do with these parts.

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