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Trends Reshaping the BPO Marketplace

The BPO segment of the services marketplace has been undergoing significant change in its growth trends. As we lean into 2015, here’s a look at how and where BPO is experiencing the biggest growth. Industry-specific offerings lead growth, and horizontal BPO growth comes from newer segments.  Industry-specific segments The industry-specific segments are growing significantly

The Limits of Verticalization

Many service providers are busy organizing along vertical industries and going to market with vertical solutions. As the services industry matures, it’s very clear that customers want to do business with companies that understand their industry. However, many providers find that verticalization doesn’t give them the growth acceleration they anticipated. So there are limits

Wipro’s Winning Numbers

Everest Group’s ongoing analysis of global service providers’ performance revealed some notable market shifts in the most recently reported quarter. We note especially that Wipro seems to be righting its ship. Although its growth previously had lagged its peers and the industry, the last quarter evidenced higher growth. As the chart below displays, Wipro

My Service Provider is Verticalizing…Why Should I Care?

At every NASSCOM event this year, there has been a buzz about verticalization and how every ITO and BPO provider, both large and small, is rushing to adopt it. To many industry observers, this has the feel of retail stores seeking to run out their own version of the latest hot fashion from Paris.