What happens when you use third-party services in digital transformation?

Moving your company to a digital operational environment requires much more than changing its technology. The goal of creating and delivering new value for your customers also necessitates changes to your talent model, processes, philosophies and organizational structure. A complicating factor is the nature of the initiative – transformation is a multi-year journey, and your company won’t know at the outset all the details of necessary changes or challenges that will occur. Therefore, your approach to managing the changes required requires flexibility along the way.

Interestingly, in Everest Group’s recent Pinnacle Model™ research investigating leading enterprises on their readiness for digital transformation, the study’s participating CIOs often commented to us that they felt like they were on a discovery mission in terms of what would be needed to achieve the desired outcomes.

Using outsourced resources is a proven success strategy for providing the necessary flexibility for the digital journey. Our Pinnacle readiness study found that 90% of Pinnacle Enterprises™ – the ones that achieved superior business outcomes and faster time to market – used outsourcing to increase flexibility and deal with demand fluctuation. Only 40% of the other enterprises used outsourcing.

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