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Digital transformation: How to beat the funding challenges

In working with CIOs and other senior executives leading digital transformation efforts, the most frequent comment we at Everest Group hear is, “I don’t know how to get this funded.” IT modernization and digital transformation are multiyear journeys that require enormous change to reinvent the business and create new value for customers, employees, and shareholders. Typical transformation initiatives

Crucial CIO skills for digital transformation success

All companies are vulnerable to the threat of a competitor’s ability to create new value for customers. That’s why most companies today are considering the opportunities for creating new competitive advantage through digital transformation and virtually all CIOs view digital transformation as a top priority. However, Everest Group’s Pinnacle Model research of more than 200 leading companies finds

What happens when you use third-party services in digital transformation?

Moving your company to a digital operational environment requires much more than changing its technology. The goal of creating and delivering new value for your customers also necessitates changes to your talent model, processes, philosophies and organizational structure. A complicating factor is the nature of the initiative – transformation is a multi-year journey, and

Strengthen Your Leadership Skills In Implementing Robotic Process Automation

After five years of buzz, there is now a lot of momentum in companies adopting Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. At Everest Group, our Pinnacle Model™ research assessed the impact of more than 200 leading companies on digital journeys implementing RPA. Our assessment identified companies achieving superior business outcomes (Pinnacle Enterprises™), including 4X the ROI as

Robotic process automation is reworking supply chains

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a powerful set of digital tools that is poised to have a dramatic effect on the services industry, particularly the business process industry. RPA tools automate well-understood processes currently being done by hand and that have been outsourced. But from our findings in my employer Everest Group’s Pinnacle Model research