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Why did Deloitte Acquire Day1 Solutions?

Deloitte recently announced it acquired cloud consulting firm Day1 Solutions. Deloitte is one of the world’s largest service providers and has service relationships with most major U.S. enterprises. Day1 is a small firm. So, this raises the question: Why does Deloitte need Day1? And why should your enterprise care? Deloitte needs Day1 for the

Sizing Up PwC’s Acquisition of Booz

PwC announced last Friday that it completed its acquisition of Booz & Company — now named “Strategy&.” Why did Booz agree to be acquired and why did PwC want Booz? And what does this mean for the services industry? My opinion: It’s a bold move that has the signs of being a game-changer in

Who’s Trying to Crash the Party for Accenture, Deloitte and IBM?

In the worlds of sports and business, there are many examples of teams coming from behind and winning big. Oracle Team USA’s exciting win over Team New Zealand in the 2013 America’s Cup yacht races last week is certainly a big one. There’s also a race happening among the global services providers in the

Deloitte: The Global Services Dark Horse Challenging Accenture

Accenture has beautifully moved into the number-one spot among transformational service providers. They snatched it from IBM, their biggest competitor for that spot. How did they do it? Accenture created a significant gap between itself and IBM in two game-changing aspects: customer access and talent. Accenture gained a leg up on IBM in customer